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Online Plot Booking and Management System/Software

Online Plot Booking and Management System/Software

Saga consults have developed online plot booking and managment software with our years of experience in software development. This is a complete solutions for Land developers who sale plots on installments. Our system provides end to end solutions for Land developers, from booking of plot to the possession of the plot.

Plot Booking and Management System consist of following functions :

Online Plot Booking and Management System.
Customers, Agencies/Dealers, Agents can directly book a plot online. Admin user can approve/allocate the plot on payment confirmation. Receipts of payment made are generated automatically in system.

Application to manage Booking Amount and Installments.
Admin user can manage booking amount and installment payments online, like Cheque received/deposited/cleared for particular Booking or installment. Cancel booking and much more.

Application to Manage Dealers/ Franchises.
Admin user can add dealers or Franchises. Dealer/Franchises can add their sales team members/agents in system.

Application to Manage Sales Team.
Dealers/Franchises can manages their sales team online. If plot developer has onroll sales team it can be managed online.

Application to keep Track of Revenue.
This system will help you to track your monthly revenue generated by plot bookings and monthly installments paid by Customers.

Application to Keep Track of Commissions paid on sales.
This system will also help you to keep track of Commissions paid on sales. Commissions can be viewed online On monthly basis and can also be downloaded in excel and pdf formats.

Auto Generated Email and SMS alerts on Booking/Installment.
System will send auto generated emails and SMS alerts on all the activities related to the booking and installments. e.g Booking Confirmation, Cheque deposit, Cheque clearance etc.

Application to Send Promotional Bulk SMS.
Our system will help you send buld SMS's to available leads, targeted customers.

Secured Login system :
Each and every user of the system will have username and password using which they can access the system. Nobody else will be able to access the system without username and password.

Multiple Project :
If you have multiple project going on, you can manage all your projects under one system.

Multilevel Login:
All the users of the system will have login access to the system. Accourding to their roles they can perform different operations in the system.

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Call us : +91 82082 87994