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Staff Augmentation

Staff Augmentation

Staff Augmentation is a great way to get highly qualified and specialized personnel working for you at substantial savings. It can assist you in hiring an individual or team of dedicated additional resources. Implementing this process can bring better efficiency in your work projects.

At Exitosys Technologies, we offer you a wide and complete range of world-class professionals with wide industry-specific experience and rich expertise. Our skilled resources can work like full-time employees for you, operating from our premises. We excel in creating unique websites and other web applications with impressive features and further ensure high traffic to your online ventures with smart and efficient search engine marketing strategies. From dedicated web developers to Google certified Search engine marketing specialists, you can greatly benefit from our full-time staff augmentation services. Our dedicated developers are specialists in PHP and other Open Source applications such as JOOMLA, MAGENTO, X-CART, ZEN CART & OsCommerce.

Through our staff augmentation, we can not only provide specialized, proficient and technically qualified dedicated professionals but also bestow you a peace of mind. Exitosys Technologies is well equipped to manage all your programming and search engine marketing needs, leaving you with ample time to streamline your organizational efficiency, profitability and marketing strategies. Extending your staffing requirement to a company like ours will ensure a holistic improvement of your management. Our dedicated services aim at providing you with the best skilled resources in terms of flexibility and timely output.

Through our staff augmentation service, you can either hire an individual resource or set of resources from diverse backgrounds for a particular period of time or a specialized team of people for a specified time-frame. We understand that quality output is the only key for the continuation and long lasting relationship and we have a state-of-the-art infrastructure to stick to this commitment of delivering quality and ensuring business continuity.

Benefits of Staff Augmentation

Pick your experts:
Our team is a perfect blend of expertise and skills. So, you can choose from our large pool of experts who specialize in PHP, Open Source programming, Graphic designing, Content Writing & SEO.

Direct Control on Project:
We at Exitosys Technologies, allow direct interaction between our clients and dedicated professionals which enables the clients to exercise direct control over their offshore staff. This direct involvement of the clients in the work projects leads to improved work efficiency and timely completion of the projects.

Ease of communication:
There are no long channels in our communication process. The clients have the priority of directly interacting with their dedicated resources (developers, designers, content writers & search engine marketing specialises) which makes our entire communication process a simple and time-saving exercise.

The dedicated professionals provide their daily/ weekly work reports and progress to the clients, as required by the client. This daily/weekly submission of the work progress helps improving the efficiency and the quality of the work output.

Source Code Authorization:
The intellectual copyrights of the work done by the developers are duly transferred to the clients.

No Start Up Cost:
Hiring dedicated developers require no huge investments in terms of infrastructure set-up, training costs or pay-roll etc.

Focus on Marketing & Profitability:
All your programming and other back-end needs are executed by our dedicated developers, designers, content writers and our SEM specialists bring you substantial leads, which leave you with ample time to concentrate on your organizational efficiency, profitability and other important developmental work.

Coding standards enforced:
Our dedicated developers follow and work strictly in accordance with the set universal standards of coding.

Exclusive handling of work projects:
Our dedicated developers work exclusively on the clients’ projects which ensure the best-quality of work delivered within the pre-defined time period.

What we offer

‘Client’s delight’ is the aim and success mantra for Exitosys Technologies. Hiring dedicated developers at Exitosys Technologies through Staff Augmentation ensures you:

Working Hours:
160 hours of work per month (8 hours per working day-5 days a week)

Always Live Communication:
Accountability is the key for staff augmentation. Exitosys Technologies guarantees seamless communication through video chat and IMs with your dedicated developer & other staff who would work exclusively on your projects.

Smart Trial:
The client can hire a developer or other staff for trial for a week to assess the skills & the quality of work done by him before signing the contract.

Reporting as per client’s need (daily/weekly):
Our dedicated developers and other professionals submit their daily/weekly work report to the clients as per their requirement and specifications. Hence, the clients can have a direct say in the work progress.

Monthly payment cycle:
We follow a monthly-contract policy and the payments are to be made by the clients at the beginning of every month.

Code ownership:
The Intellectual Copyrights of the work done by our developers, designers or copy writers are fully transferable to the clients.

Third party selling rights:
We, at Exitosys Technologies, entitle our clients with Third Party Selling rights

Account manager for regular support and feedback: Exclusive managers are appointed by Exitosys Technologies who manage all your work accounts and ensure regular support and feedback of your work progress. They also take a note of your special instructions and expectations and ensure that they are handled in the most apt manner possible.

Company-Developer agreement ensures Non-stop delivery:
Our Developers and other professionals sign a legal agreement that ensures that if, due to any unavoidable circumstances, he/she is unable to continue with your project, he/she would be required to notify the company well in advance e. This would facilitate a smooth and efficient transfer of knowledge and related information to the successor.

Your data is in safe hands:
A strict security policy is adhered to through a Non-disclosure agreement, to make sure that all your data and information are accessed in a secure environment. We deploy security measures like firewall, password encryption, access control system, secured wireless routers, all work-stations with gateway and host-level anti-virus installation, for your data protection, versioning control system, admin-defined bandwidth and access policy, stringent checks on upload and download of files, regular back-up of all data etc.

Team-leader for technical assistance:
Your project would be allotted a Team leader who would ensure a streamlined flow of project process. In case of any technical queries, the Team-leader would be consulted.

Longer Common Business hours:
We ensure that the International Time difference does not become to be a barrier in communication between us and the client. To combat these issues we guarantee longer Common working hours for better interaction with our clients.

Replace your developer in case of performance issues:
If the client experiences any kind of performance issues, then Exitosys Technologies provides Developer replacement, given that a notification for the same is given well in advance.

Manage your projects better:
The clients are provided with a free access to Project management tool which facilitates better handling of the project and alignment of all tasks and priorities.

Demo Server Facility to avoid Live-Site problems:
We follow the practice of using a demo server for all our projects, the developer uploads the work done by him on the demo server. Once this work is approved by the client, then it is ready to be uploaded on the live-site. Although, if the client is willing, we can directly work on the live-site as well.

Proficiency in English: Professionals are well qualified and possess excellent English speaking skills. All of them have a great command on the English language which makes it easier and convenient to understand and handle your work projects. Experienced programmers with good written & verbal English communication skills can work better than freelancers.

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