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Pacs and Tele-Radiology System

Pacs and Tele-Radiology System

SPacs and Tele-Radiology System is an IT product for image management for healthcare industry. With imaging diagnosis moving from film based to digital, it is important today for hospital & diagnostic centers to keep pace with the digital advances in radiology. Store medical images electronically, doctors and other health professionals can access the information and compare it with previous images at the touch of a button. Images can be shared between health professionals across location over intranet/internet. Reduces the delays and cancellations because of patient’s images not being available, lost or misplaced during transit, as well as deterioration in image quality over me that can affect film.

Pacs and Tele-Radiology System intranet/internet based Picture Archiving and Communication System that receives digital images form MR, CT, DX other imaging modalities, archives and presents imaging studies for reading and advanced diagnosis to Radiologist & Referring Physicians. Clinicians can view & diagnose images study of modalities such as MRI, CT & DX. Open current & prior studies simultaneously in the viewer in comparison mode to check the progress of any previous diagnosis. Perform image manipulation to identify any disparity in the issue. Add text annotation to image and perform rectangular, ellipcal area measurement . Identify & load key images in the study, dictate report to the study. Print the key images & report for physician reference. The learning curve of the application is minimum bringing in effective ROI to the customer.

Features of the product

  • Read Dicom Files (Mono Frame, Multiframe).
  • Read Metadata.
  • Export Dicom Files To .jpeg Format.
  • Export Facilities Available – (Current Image , Current Series)
  • Export As A Movie
  • Export Via Mail : Current Image, Current series, Marked images
  • Writing Dicom Files To Cd/Dvd Layout Panel – Different Operations Performed On Panels.
  • Same / Different Series Can Be Loaded On Different Panel Maintaining Different Operation Session.
  • Windows 32 Bit And 64 Bit Support
  • Support On Linux
  • Support On Mac
  • Windowing
  • Invert Images
  • Measurement
  • Flip (Vertical, Horizontal) (Applied To Whole Series)
  • Rotate (Clockwise, An-Clockwise) (Applied To Whole Series)
  • Panning (Applied To Whole Series)
  • Zooming (Applied To Whole Series)
  • Magnification
  • Fit To Window
  • Dicom Tags Viewer
  • Calculate Hounsfield Unit
  • Series Synchronisation
  • Multiframe Images Support
  • Export Dicom Files To Other Than Dicom File Format (.jpeg , .tif , .png)
  • Export Facilities Available – (current Image , Current Series , Marked Images)
  • Export Via Mail : Current Image , Current Series (100 Images In Zip)
  • Multiplaner Reconstruction
  • 3d Surface Rendering
  • Preset WL/WW Values.: (bone,spine,lung,brain)
  • Printing(page Printing/dicom Printing)
  • Annotate Image
  • Display Scout Lines.
  • Study Comparison
  • Grid View Of The Series.
  • Color Map Values

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